herbal & Plant medicine

With a deep knowledge and love of herbs, plants, and their medicinal effects, Kristina can create herbal treatments based on her clients’ individual needs.



Plant medicine

Being a holistic practitioner, one of my foundational approaches to care is having a vast knowledge base in natural remedies and plant medicine. In the current allopathic fear-based model of care, often times herbs are seen as negative and dangerous due to the disconnection to plant wisdom that has been lost in our culture. Part of my training included an entire year devoted to plant medicine and botanical studies so that I can offer individualized care plans for you, no matter what phase of the life cycle you are in. I offer remedies based on your personal needs and access.

Teas, tinctures, flower essence, dream pillows, cordials, syrups, hydrosols, and more!


prenatal and postpartum herbal support

Within the prenatal and postpartum period, there is an ample amount of herbal remedies that can be supportive and nutritive for you! As a midwife and herbalist, I have the resources to be able to create individualized blends and herbal support plans to promote optimal health and well-being through the childbearing cycle.


Flower Bath ritual


The incredible healing and magic that can be encountered when working with flowers is truly infinite. Whether you are hoping to have me come provide a flower bath ritual at your blessingway (or baby shower), or you are desiring a floral blend for your personal flower bath experience, I can provide the colorful and delightful concoction you are looking for. As mentioned in Moon Divas Guidebook by Lara Vesta, “Flower baths cleanse and refresh the physical and energetic body”. As a Certified Moon Diva, I have participated in this practice (that Lara herself created) many times and can attest to the transformation it can provide.


Other Herbal & Flower Services

Herbal support can be utilized for families in all phases of life. If you are interested in supportive herbal birth control, personalized blends, or even neighborhood bouquet creations, please contact me and I would be happy to bring plants and flowers into your life!