prenatal & postpartum doula services

 Kristina Parks offers birth and postpartum doula services to individuals and families both within her own practice
and with Napa Valley Midwives.



How it works


Doulas provide physical and emotional support for clients in labor. There are many tools utilized to provide support in labor including but not limited to: massage, encouraging a change in positions, aromatherapy, breathing techniques. In addition to tools used throughout labor, I serve as an advocate for you in the hospital to reduce the use of unnecessary interventions and co-create a birth plan that works for you and your family. I meet with you three times prenatally to provide education and information regarding labor and birth. I also provide postpartum doula services in which I come to your home and can do daily household chores, cook meals, hold baby while you rest, and provide education.



  • Three prenatal visits

  • Childbirth education

  • Co-creation of a birth plan

WHAT TO EXPECT: the birth

  • Emotional and physical support

  • Home monitoring before going to the hospital or before midwives’ arrival (fetal heart tone assessment, cervical checks if requested)

  • Advocation within the hospital as needed

What to expect: Postpartum

  • Completion of household chores

  • Cooking meals

  • Holding baby as needed

  • Education and information



death doula

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