Clairvoyant Services

 Kristina offers several approaches to clairvoyant services ranging from aura readings to ritual creation for your individual needs.




There are many approaches to providing a reading for someone. I am able to offer an aura reading, rose reading, and Moon Deck readings for those seeking guidance or clarity. Get in touch to learn more about availability.


Flower bath, clearing, and clairvoyant ceremony can settle internal and external energies. Through deep spiritual practice, I call upon ancestral knowledge, herbs, and other sacred tools to identify blockages and provide insight.

I also provide services of a blessingway (or baby shower), honoring for those who are in their third trimester of pregnancy and preparing to welcome new life into their family.

Community Circles

I can assist in the leadership of womxn, queer, and family community circles. These gatherings of support allow us to navigate the waters of intimate connection and other difficult subjects of conversation, such as sex education or death. Please get in touch to learn more about my offerings, and if you have an idea that isn’t listed here, feel free to ask!

Sex Education

Do you host childbirth or sexual education classes? Get in touch to learn about how I can facilitate discussion surrounding reproductive and childbearing education.